Echoes in the Mists

taken dwarven ore sight tunnel

taken dwarven ore sight tunnel

once they defeated the kobolds lured outside, the party enters the site seeing no signs of dwarves. they find a hole with a rope ladder going down twenty feet…they enter and walk into a hallway and up a narrow staircase to find a dwarven statue and kobolds setup in defensive positions behind it. an energy orb comes from the back out of the darkness and a fight ensues. the kobolds hold their ground and drop tapestries from the walls as a trap, immobilizing dice for a round. the party gets up close but runs into line of sight problems in the narrow hallway…three shield bearing kobolds are able to deflect many attacks as the wyrmpriest in the back is dishing out big damage with his energy orb attacks. once the two melee’s of the party start to take heavy dmge and get bloodied without dropping any of the kobolds, things start looking grim. realizing that their only option may be to escape, the party runs for the exit. mendardis is able to fire an energy orb into the statue, toppling it onto a kobold and pinning him. the kobolds follow, chasing them out. drago takes heavy damage as he is the last on running towards the ladder. close to death, he makes it up the ladder in the nick of time after the other two party members. mendardis quickly cuts the ladder down, foiling any plans of the kobolds pursuit. the party realizes it would need more reinforcements and thus leaves the region to fight another day…



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